FDNY Straus Department Store Fire

From the Vault:
March 6, 1964 Brooklyn. The initial alarm was received at 10:30 in the morning. Five alarms were transmitted for Box 491, for a fire in the Straus department store at 173 Plymouth Street. This stubborn and very smoky fire severely tested the FDNY and refused to go out. In addition to the five alarm response, a Borough Call was requested at 5:08 pm, sending three additional alarms worth of companies to the scene from Manhattan. (77-491-66-33-367- in English that’s Manhattan third alarm assignment to Box 367 goes to Brooklyn Box 491). Later, the wall and roof collapsed, wrecking Engine 208 and damaging Engine 207. The flames burned out of control for more than 20 hours.¬† Paul Hashagen -Author¬† www.gettinsaltyapparel.com


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