Five-story loft building collapse-Feb. 18, 1963

Feb. 18, 1963. At 2:43 in the afternoon, a water tank on the roof of a five-story loft building collapsed and fell six stories into the basement. The plunging tank pulled the flooring and equipment on each floor with it into the basement. Box 308 was transmitted and Brooklyn companies raced to 61 Clymer St. With reports of a man pinned in the wreckage Fireman Bethel of Ladder 119 entered the dangerous collapse area. Bethel worked his way through the fallen timbers and debris. He found the imprisoned man, then sawed through a beam freeing him. He carefully lifted the man to safety.
For his heroic actions Fireman Bethel was awarded an FDNY medal of valor.10906310_624725727632185_8561194004835804313_n

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