FDNY South Street New York Fire

From the Vault: March 13, 1947 Box 55-208 A five-alarm fire at 243 South Street in Manhattan.Multi-colored flames poured from a five-story chemical warehouse that stood in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. First alarm units were faced with advanced fire conditions, noxious smoke and the possibility of explosions inside the burning building. The smoke was so dangerous that extra filter masks were rushed to the scene and donned by firemen deck pipes in the street. Clouds of orange, green, red and yellow smoke pumped into the morning sky. This was one of the first fires Rescue 1 was able to utilize the new “Scott mask” SCBA. Two fireboats helped to fed the numerous hoses stretched and operated from every possible vantage point. It took three hours to control and three more to completely extinguish. It was the first 5-alarm fire in 1947. Holy Hose Batman – Paul Hashagen FDNY Res1cue Ret 👉Check us out at www.gettinsalty.com 🔥


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